YJH-Q5B liquid fuel heater 12V diesel pickup car parking preheater Review

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  • Price: €728.59
  • Posted: April 3, 2024

The Review of: YJH-Q5B liquid fuel heater 12V diesel pickup car parking preheater Review

The YJH-Q5B liquid fuel heater is designed for 12V diesel pickup cars to provide efficient parking preheating. Here are some details about this heater:

  • Heating Capacity: The YJH-Q5B has a 5KW heating capacity, which means it can generate 5,000 watts of heat.
  • Fuel Type: It operates on liquid fuel, specifically diesel.
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of this heater is to preheat the car while it’s parked, especially during cold weather.
  • Installation: It can be installed in the vehicle to warm up the engine and cabin before you start driving.
  • Independent System: The YJH-Q5B has its own water pump and oil pump, allowing it to circulate coolant and fuel independently.
  • Heat Exchange: It heats the cooling liquid (usually antifreeze) in the engine’s waterway, which then provides warmth to the engine and cabin.
  • Automatic Control: The heater is controlled by a computer system. When the water temperature reaches certain levels (around 65°C and 75°C), it automatically starts or stops heating.
  • Compatibility: It can be used alongside the vehicle’s existing heating system without conflicts.

You can find this liquid fuel heater available for purchase on platforms like Aliexpress. Keep in mind that it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and usage.