Voron V0.2 R1 Latest Version Core XY Mini Portable 3D Printer Kit with Enclosed Panels Review

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  • Price: €383.85
  • Posted: March 24, 2024

The Review of: Voron V0.2 R1 Latest Version Core XY Mini Portable 3D Printer Kit with Enclosed Panels Review

The Voron V0.2 R1 is an intriguing CoreXY 3D printer kit that combines portability with precision. Let’s delve into its features:

  1. Compact Design: The V0.2 R1 is designed for small workspaces, making it ideal for hobbyists and enthusiasts who need a space-saving solution.

  2. CoreXY Mechanism: The CoreXY design ensures precise and efficient movement of the print head, resulting in high-quality prints.

  3. Enclosed Panels: The printer comes with high-quality enclosed panels, which help maintain a stable printing environment. This is especially beneficial for printing materials that require consistent temperature and protection from external factors.

  4. Print Volume: The maximum print size is 120 x 120 x 120 mm, allowing you to create small to medium-sized objects.

  5. Hotend Options:

    • V6 Hotend: Standard hotend for reliable printing.
    • Dragon Hotend:
      • Standard Flow: Suitable for most applications.
      • High Flow: Ideal for faster printing and larger layer heights.
  6. 3D Printed Parts:

    • The kit includes functional and decorative parts, all printed with ABS+GF material for higher strength and heat resistance.
    • Notably, the Voron 0.2 kit now includes upgraded parts for the R1 version, such as a filament runout sensor, MR85 bearing, and fasteners.
  7. Power Supply: The printer operates with a 150W power supply.

If you’re interested in building this printer, you can either get the 3D printed parts directly from the official Voron website or choose the Voron kit with 3D printed parts from our website. Please note that the Dragon hotend and 3D printed parts are shipped separately from China, but there’s no extra shipping cost or tax for you.