Voron V0.2 Core XY 3D Printer Kit with Genuine Gates Belts Review

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  • Price: €512.2
  • Posted: March 2, 2024

The Review of: Voron V0.2 Core XY 3D Printer Kit with Genuine Gates Belts Review

The Voron V0.2 R1 CoreXY 3D Printer Kit is an exciting choice for 3D printing enthusiasts. Let’s delve into its features:

  1. CoreXY Design: The Voron V0.2 employs the CoreXY architecture, known for its precise and efficient movement control. This design ensures accurate prints and smooth motion.

  2. High-Quality Components:

    • Genuine Gates Belts: The XY axis utilizes Gates belts, renowned for their durability and reliability.
    • 440C Stainless Steel Linear Guide Rails: These rails provide stability and smooth motion during printing.
    • MICE Casting Aluminum Plate: Designed to resist heat deformation, this plate ensures consistent bed leveling.
    • Heat-Resistant Clear and Black PC Panels: These panels contribute to the printer’s robust build.
    • Premium Silicone Heating Pad with Glass Fiber: Efficiently heats the print bed.
    • High-Torque and High-Speed Motors: From the MOONS brand, ensuring reliable performance.
    • All-Metal Titanium Alloy Hotend: Equipped with a ceramic heater cartridge and a hardened steel + DLC nozzle.
    • Auto Power Resume: In case of power interruptions, your print progress is safeguarded.
    • Replace Raspberry Pi with Klipper Pi: Developed by BTT & Klipper officially, enhancing control capabilities.
  3. Print Specifications:

    • Max Print Size: 120 x 120 x 120 mm
    • Layer Height: 0.05 to 0.3 mm
    • Nozzle Temperature: Up to 300°C
    • Bed Temperature: Up to 110°C
    • Max Print Speed: 250 mm/s
    • Max Travel Speed: 300 mm/s
    • Power Supply: 150W
  4. Additional Notes:

    • The Voron V0.2 kit now includes upgraded parts for the R1 version, such as a filament runout sensor, MR85 bearing, and fasteners.
    • The 3D printed parts are made from ABS+GF material, providing higher strength and heat resistance.
    • You can obtain the 3D printed parts directly from the Voron official source to ensure quality.
    • Dragon hotend ships separately from China with free shipping and no additional cost to you.

For more details and to explore this exciting 3D printer, visit the official Voron website or check out the Voron V0.2 R1 CoreXY 3D Printer Kit on the 3D Printers Online Store.