Voron Type CoreXY Assembled Big Size 3D Printer Troodon 2.0 Pro Review

  • Aliexpress ID: 1005005067690852
  • Price: €1,084.45
  • Posted: March 4, 2024

The Review of: Voron Type CoreXY Assembled Big Size 3D Printer Troodon 2.0 Pro Review

The Troodon 2.0 Pro is an impressive CoreXY 3D printer that combines precision, reliability, and ease of assembly. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Design and Assembly:

    • The Troodon 2.0 Pro is inspired by the Voron 2.4 kit but comes 95% pre-assembled. This thoughtful design saves you time and effort during setup.
    • It features a fully enclosed build area, providing stability and temperature control for consistent prints.
    • The printer’s modular approach ensures efficient assembly, allowing you to focus on creating rather than spending hours putting parts together.
  2. Key Specifications:

    • Build Volume: The Troodon 2.0 Pro boasts an impressive build volume of 350mm x 350mm x 320mm. This generous space allows you to create large-scale prints.
    • Motion System: It utilizes a CoreXY motion system, which zips along at speeds of up to 500mm/sec, significantly reducing print times.
    • Hotend: The high-temperature hotend can handle filaments up to 300°C, making it suitable for advanced materials.
  3. Firmware and Software:

    • The printer comes with Klipper Firmware, known for its flexibility and performance.
    • Additionally, it features Stealthburner CW2 and TAP (Touchscreen Action Panel) for an enhanced user experience.
  4. Quality and Joy of Printing:

    • The Voron-inspired design ensures precision and reliability, making every print a joy.
    • Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a beginner, the Troodon 2.0 Pro offers a seamless printing experience.

For more information, you can check out the product details on the official Formbot website