Voron Switchwire CoreXZ Easy to Use 3D Printer Kit Review

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  • Price: €687.2
  • Posted: December 19, 2023

The Review of: Voron Switchwire CoreXZ Easy to Use 3D Printer Kit Review

The Voron Switchwire is an intriguing DIY CoreXZ 3D printer that stands out in the 3D printing community. Let’s delve into its features and what makes it unique:

  1. CoreXZ Kinematics:

    • The Voron Switchwire employs a CoreXZ configuration, which combines the advantages of both CoreXY and Cartesian kinematics.
    • Unlike traditional CoreXY printers, where the gantry moves on leadscrews, the Switchwire’s gantry moves on the XZ plane.
    • This design allows for fast motion along both the X and Z axes, eliminating limitations and issues associated with lead screws.
    • Notably, it’s an excellent choice for parts that require Z-hops, as it can achieve speeds of up to 100 mm/s on the Z-axis.
  2. Build Volume:

    • The Switchwire offers a build volume of approximately 250 x 210 x 240 mm.
    • Linear motion on all axes is based on 12mm linear rails, ensuring stability and precision.
  3. Moving Bed:

    • What sets the Switchwire apart is its moving bed design.
    • While some may consider this a disadvantage, especially for larger printers, it has its benefits:
      • Simpler mechanics: The bed remains lightweight, making it easier to handle.
      • Easy auto bed leveling (ABL): The bed’s movement simplifies the ABL process.
    • The first version of the Switchwire uses the MK52 bed from Original Prusa MK3/MK3s printers. This magnetic hotbed works well with materials like PLA, ABS, TPU, and PETG.
  4. Enclosable Design:

    • The Switchwire is enclosable by design, making it suitable for printing materials like ABS and small PC parts.
    • You can either cut the enclosure panels using the provided drawings or purchase them online.
  5. Maintenance and Belts:

    • While the CoreXZ design minimizes issues with lead screws, it does require belt maintenance.
    • Investing in quality belts (such as Gates) is crucial for optimal performance.

For more details, visit the Voron website or explore the complete 3D printed parts kit available for the Switchwire.