Voron Switchwire CoreXZ 3D Printer Kit Bigtree Tech Klipper Pi Review

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  • Posted: September 3, 2023

The Review of: Voron Switchwire CoreXZ 3D Printer Kit Bigtree Tech Klipper Pi Review

The Voron Switchwire CoreXZ 3D Printer Kit is an exciting DIY printer that combines high-quality components with a CoreXZ design. Let’s break down the key elements:

  1. Voron Switchwire CoreXZ 3D Printer Kit:

    • The Voron Switchwire is part of the impressive lineup of 3D printers designed by the Voron team. Their printers are known for their robust construction and excellent performance.
    • The current version of the Switchwire comes with several notable features:
      • Stealthburner + CW2 Extruder: This combination ensures efficient filament handling and reliable extrusion.
      • Double-sided PEI Sheet: The build surface provides good adhesion for your prints.
      • BTT Klipper Pi: The printer is powered by the Bigtree Tech Klipper Pi, which allows for advanced control and customization.
    • If you’re interested in obtaining the 3D printed parts for the Switchwire, you can find them on the official Voron website.
  2. Klipper Configuration:

    • The Klipper firmware is used to control the Voron Switchwire. Here are the details of the current configuration:
      • Klipper Version: v0.11.0-197-ga3eebab4
      • Crowsnest Version: v3.0.7-3-g20ed6a8
      • Mainsail-config Version: v1.0.0-11-ge4976f6
      • Moonraker Version: v0.8.0-39-g6c7dfe5
      • Sonar Version: v0.1.2-0-g7962a12
      • Mainsail Version: v2.5.1
    • The hardware components include:
      • Board: BTT SKR 1.4
      • Steppers: BTT TMC2209 (four of them)
      • Probe: Pinda
      • Compute: Raspberry Pi 4
    • To get started, you’ll need to flash the compiled Klipper firmware onto your BTT SKR 1.4 board using an SD card.
  3. Additional Information:

    • The Voron Switchwire is a versatile printer suitable for various applications. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or a beginner, this kit offers a great platform for 3D printing enthusiasts.