Voron 0.2 V0.2 R1 Latest Version Corexy DIY 3D Printer Kit with BTT Klipper Pi Review

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  • Price: €383.85
  • Posted: July 10, 2023

The Review of: Voron 0.2 V0.2 R1 Latest Version Corexy DIY 3D Printer Kit with BTT Klipper Pi Review

The VORON 0.2 is an impressive CoreXY 3D printer that enthusiasts can build themselves. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. VORON 0.2 Configurator: This handy tool is designed to provide a customized bill of materials for your VORON 0.2 build. Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading from a VORON 0.1, the configurator ensures you have the right parts.

  2. Key Features of VORON 0.2 R1 Version:

    • Material Breaking Detection: The kit now includes a limit switch for detecting material breaks.
    • Enhanced Screw Box: A small bearing and Bowden joint have been added to the screw box.
    • Updated Printout: The printout has been refreshed to the R1 version.
    • Enlarged Air Duct: The MINISB shell’s air duct has been enlarged.
  3. Additional Specifications:

    • Open Source CoreXY Design: The VORON 0.2 R1 features the robust CoreXY motion system.
    • High-Quality Magnetic Double-Sided Flexible PEI Sheets: These sheets ensure excellent adhesion for your prints.
    • Klipper Firmware: The printer utilizes Klipper firmware for efficient control.
    • Optional Upgrades: Consider adding the Dragon hotend for an even better printing experience.
    • Premium Silicone Heating Pad with Glass Fiber: Ensures consistent and reliable heating.
  4. VORON Trident R1 CoreXY 3D Printer Kit:

    • The current version of the VORON Trident comes with the BTT Klipper Pi, Stealthburner + CW2 extruder, and a double-sided PEI sheet as the default.
    • Processing time for all warehouses is 1-3 business days.
    • Note that the Dragon hotend is not available in overseas warehouses, so it will be delivered separately from China.
  5. Note on 3D Printed Parts:

    • The 3D printed parts in the VORON 0.2 kit include both functional components and decorative elements.
    • These parts are printed with ABS+GF material, which provides higher strength and better heat resistance.