TWOTREES Blu3-V2 3d printer 230*230*280mm 3d printing machine DIY 3d printer machine Blu5 impresora 3d Review

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  • Price: €245.69
  • Posted: February 26, 2024

The Review of: TWOTREES Blu3-V2 3d printer 230*230*280mm 3d printing machine DIY 3d printer machine Blu5 impresora 3d Review

The TWOTREES BLU-3 V2 is a high-resolution XYZ 3D printer designed for DIY enthusiasts. Let’s explore its features:

  1. Large Print Space: The BLU-3 V2 offers an extra-large printing area of 235x235x280mm, allowing you to create sizable 3D projects.

  2. Dual-Gear Extruder: The printer is equipped with a dual-gear extruder, providing fast and smooth filament feeding. This ensures high-quality prints with efficient material flow.

  3. Cooling System: Twin turbofans accelerate the cooling process, preventing damage to the circuit board. Safety is a priority, and these fans maintain optimal operating conditions.

  4. Smart Features:

    • Material Detector: The built-in material detector allows the printer to resume printing from an interrupted position after material replacement or power recovery.
    • Power Failure Detector: If power is lost, the printer can recover and continue printing once power is restored.
    • Optional Wi-Fi Module: Operate the printer remotely and monitor the printing process.
  5. Precision and Stability:

    • CNC Machined XY Axis Mounting Grooves: These ensure precise positioning and better results.
    • Mute Leveling Drive: Provides stable operation, higher efficiency, and reduced noise during leveling.

The BLU-3 V2 is an excellent choice for budget-conscious makers who seek a reliable and versatile 3D printing machine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, this printer offers a balance of performance and affordability

Additionally, if you’re interested in a compact desktop budget 3D printer, consider the BLU-3. It has a printing space of 235x235x280mm, making it suitable for entry-level users. Features like resume printing and a filament sensor simplify the printing process.

For those looking for a large 3D printer, the Two Trees BLU-5 with a dual-drive extruder might be appealing. It’s an upgraded version of the popular Bluer model, combining aesthetics and cost-effectiveness in an I3 structure design