Tronxy XY3 SE DIY 3D Printer High Precision Printing Upgraded DIY FDM 3d printers Kit 255*255 *260mm impressoras 3d Review

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  • Price: €221.08
  • Posted: November 22, 2023

The Review of: Tronxy XY3 SE DIY 3D Printer High Precision Printing Upgraded DIY FDM 3d printers Kit 255*255 *260mm impressoras 3d Review

The Tronxy XY-3 SE is an impressive DIY 3D printer that offers high precision printing and an array of features. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Build Volume: The XY-3 SE boasts a 255mm x 255mm x 260mm build size, providing ample space for your 3D printing projects.

  2. Extruder System:

    • Titan Extruder: The internal transmission ratio of 3:1 in the Titan extruder ensures precise movements, combining speed and accuracy. It’s lightweight, fast, and compatible with various filaments.
    • Bowden Drive Extrusion: This design allows for faster and more accurate printing by reducing the weight of the print head. It also saves space.
  3. Quiet Operation:

    • The ultra-quiet stepper motor drive mainboard ensures smooth movement during printing, emitting minimal noise (under 50db). Whether at home, work, or school, you’ll enjoy a comfortable environment.
  4. Lattice Glass Build Plate:

    • The lattice glass build plate offers several advantages:
      • High Flatness: Ensures a level surface for printing.
      • Strong Adhesion: Models adhere well to the surface.
      • Smooth Finish: Reduces warping and makes model removal easy.
  5. TR Sensor and Malin Firmware:

    • The TR sensor can distinguish non-transparent materials on the heated bed, enhancing reliability.
    • Malin firmware, being open-source, allows users to customize settings without coding issues.
  6. Auto-Leveling and Filament Run-Out Detection:

    • The printer automatically detects 16 points for real-time nozzle height adjustment during leveling.
    • Filament run-out detection prompts you to reload filament or check the printing process.
  7. Dual Sideways Y-Axis Design:

    • The integrated guide rail design improves printing accuracy by considering Y-axis linear motion and platform stability.
  8. Dual Z-Axis Design:

    • The double screw motor design ensures smooth operation, durability, and high accuracy. It reduces the likelihood of printing errors.

In summary, the Tronxy XY-3 SE is a versatile 3D printer suitable for PLA, ABS, and flexible filaments, as well as laser engraving. Its portable touchscreen interface simplifies control and management of your printing projects.