TRONXY D01 Silent Design High-precision 3D Printer Machine with Industrial linear guide rail and Titan Extruder impressora 3d Review

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  • Price: €465.53
  • Posted: March 6, 2024

The Review of: TRONXY D01 Silent Design High-precision 3D Printer Machine with Industrial linear guide rail and Titan Extruder impressora 3d Review

The TRONXY D01 is an impressive 3D printer that combines precision and functionality. Let’s delve into its features:

  1. Titan Extruder: The D01 boasts a Titan extruder with an internal transmission ratio of 3:1. This gear ratio ensures precise movements, combining speed and accuracy. The strengthened gear position structure enhances impact resistance and durability. The Titan extruder is lightweight, fast, and compatible with various filaments like PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, and more.

  2. Bowden Drive Extrusion: The printer utilizes a Bowden drive extrusion system. This design allows for faster and more accurate printing by reducing the weight of the print head. It also saves space while maintaining quality.

  3. OSG External Dual-Axis Guide Rail: Achieving industrial-level high precision, the OSG guide rail features zero clearance and smooth sliding. The eccentric wheel on the OSG slider allows adjustments for smoothness and tightness. It operates at high speed, low noise, and offers anti-corrosion properties. The longer service life ensures reliable performance.

  4. Lattice Glass: The D01 features a lattice glass build surface. This glass offers high flatness, strong adhesion, and a smooth finish. Models adhere well without warping, making it easy to remove completed prints.

  5. Filament Run-Out Detection: The printer alerts you when the filament runs out or is suspended, allowing timely reloading or checking of the printing process.

  6. Resume Printing Function: Unexpected power outages won’t ruin your prints. The D01 supports resume printing from the last recorded extruder position, ensuring excellent printing results.

  7. Malin Firmware: The open-source Malin firmware allows users to customize settings without coding issues.

  8. FPC Cord Design: The FPC cord design ensures lightweight, thin thickness, and easy plug-in and removal. Each cable end is reinforced for easier insertion and strain relief.

  9. Metal Rail with Pulley System: The printer’s motion system relies on a reliable metal rail with a pulley system. It guarantees smooth and stable operation throughout the printing process.

  10. Auto-Leveling: The D01 automatically detects 16 points, adjusts nozzle height in real-time, and sounds an alarm during leveling. Convenient and hassle-free.

  11. Support Extended TR Sensor: The TR sensor distinguishes non-transparent heated bed materials (such as PVC, steel plate, glass) and ensures easy model removal.

  12. Semi-Assembled Kit: Quick assembly allows you to start printing and creating within just 2 hours. Learn about 3D printer construction as you put it together.