QIDI X-PLUS3 3D Printers Fully Upgrade 600mm/s Industrial Grade High-Speed 3D Printing with 65℃ Independent Heated Chamber Review

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  • Price: €873.87
  • Posted: March 3, 2024

The Review of: QIDI X-PLUS3 3D Printers Fully Upgrade 600mm/s Industrial Grade High-Speed 3D Printing with 65℃ Independent Heated Chamber Review

The QIDI Tech X-Plus 3 is an impressive 3D printer designed for larger creations. Let’s dive into its features:

  1. Print Speed: The X-Plus 3 boasts a blazing 600mm/s print speed, making it ideal for high-speed printing applications.

  2. Build Volume: With a build volume of 280mm x 280mm x 270mm, it provides ample space for your creative projects.

  3. Heated Chamber: The printer features a 65℃ independent heated chamber, which meets the needs of special materials. This controlled environment helps reduce warping and ensures consistent print quality.

  4. All-Metal Frame: The X-Plus 3 comes fully upgraded with an all-metal frame, providing stability and resistance to deformation. Reinforced metal crossbeams at the bottom enhance its durability.

  5. CoreXY Structure: This design reduces motion inertia and improves motion speed, resulting in smoother and faster prints.

  6. TMC2209 Silent Drive: The printer operates with less noise, thanks to the TMC2209 drivers.

  7. High-Grade Hardness Steel Linear Hollow Optical Axis: This feature ensures improved surface straightness and significantly reduces error deflection. The optical axis is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance.

  8. New Cooling System: The cooling system minimizes the risk of clogs and ensures smooth extrusion during printing.

  9. Dual Hot Ends: The X-Plus 3 includes two sets of hot ends:

    • Copper Alloy Nozzle: Provides better thermal conductivity and smooth printing.
    • Hardened Steel Nozzle: Suitable for abrasive materials and long-term usage, with a maximum print temperature of 350℃.
  10. Temperature-Controlled Chamber and Drying Box: The active heating device maintains a maximum chamber temperature of 65℃. This ensures efficient printing of materials like PET-CF and PAHT-CF. The chamber circulation fan prevents layer separation and promotes uniform part building.

  11. High-Speed Printing: The X-Plus 3 supports professional-grade materials and achieves high-performance printing. It utilizes Klipper Adaptive Meshing and Purging for flawless first layers.

  12. Flexible HF Plate: The printer’s bed offers excellent adhesion, eliminates warping issues, and allows easy removal of prints.

  13. User-Friendly Software: QIDI provides the highly acclaimed QIDI slicer software, suitable for beginners and experts alike. Additionally, the Fluidd Console enhances the user experience.