Professional New Portable 12V/24V 5Kw Parking Diesel Air Heater LCD Switch Review

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  • Posted: April 3, 2024

The Review of: Professional New Portable 12V/24V 5Kw Parking Diesel Air Heater LCD Switch Review

Let’s delve into the world of portable diesel air heaters. These nifty devices are perfect for keeping you warm during chilly days, whether you’re in your garage, camper, or even a cozy basement. Here are some options to consider:

  1. LF Bros 110V/12/24V 5KW Diesel Heater:

    • Features: This all-in-one diesel heater provides constant heating while operating, offering a cozy temperature range from -40°F to 104°F. It delivers 4700~17000 BTU of warmth and has a fuel consumption of 0.18~0.53L/H.
    • Versatility: Apart from supporting 12V and 24V, this kit includes a 110V transformer, allowing you to plug the heater directly into standard sockets. No need for extra parts or DIY work!
    • User-Friendly: Setting up this diesel heater is a breeze. The detailed instruction booklet and QR code installation tutorial make it straightforward. The LCD switch displays the working status, and the remote controller (already paired) has a range of 100 feet.
    • Oil Leaking Proof: Unlike others, the fuel tank cover is built with an internal thread, preventing oil spills even on bumpy roads.
    • Packaging: The kit comes in a delicate box, with the main machine protected by foam to prevent scratches.
    • Price: Available for $208.79 .
  2. HCALORY 12V Portable Diesel Air Heater (5KW):

    • Features: This heater boasts Bluetooth APP control and an LCD monitor. It’s suitable for cars, trucks, boats, buses, RVs, and motorhomes.
    • Availability: You can find it on Amazon UK .
  3. Triclicks 12V 5KW Air Diesel Heater:

    • Features: Comes with a silencer, LCD switch, and remote control. Ideal for trucks, boats, car trailers, motorhomes, campervans, and caravans.
    • Availability: Available on Amazon UK .
  4. HCALORY 12V Diesel Heater (8KW):

    • Features: Integrated parking heating system with an LCD switch. Fuel consumption ranges from 0.1L to 0.35L per hour.
    • Availability: Available on Amazon UK .