New HIWIN Original Authentic MGN12C MGN12 Linear Guide Rail With Slider High-Precision 70mm Linear Guide 3D Printer Alloy Steel Review

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  • Posted: August 1, 2023

The Review of: New HIWIN Original Authentic MGN12C MGN12 Linear Guide Rail With Slider High-Precision 70mm Linear Guide 3D Printer Alloy Steel Review

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of linear guides and their application in 3D printers.

The HIWIN MGN12 linear guide is a precision motion component designed to provide smooth and accurate linear motion. Here are some key features:

  1. Linear Motion: The MGN12 linear guide facilitates linear motion by re-circulating rolling ball elements between a profiled rail and a carriage (bearing block). Unlike traditional slides, the friction on a linear rail is only 2%, making it highly efficient.

  2. Versatility: Linear guides can be loaded in all directions, regardless of how you mount them. This flexibility makes them a preferred solution for high-precision CNC machines.

  3. 3D Printers: While linear rails are commonly used in high-end commercial 3D printers, enthusiasts have successfully upgraded existing printers with them. For smaller machines like FDM 3D printers, there are smaller and low-inertia linear rails available, such as the stainless steel MGN12 from Hiwin.

    • Usage in 3D Printers: Linear rails can be employed on all axes of a 3D printer, whether it’s a Cartesian or CoreXY design. However, the most significant impact on printing quality occurs when improving the movement of the print head (either the X-axis or the XY-axis).

    • Popular Designs: Many designs are available on platforms like Thingiverse for MGN applications on low-cost popular printers (e.g., Creality, Tevo, Anet). These rails easily mount on the 2020 extrusion profiles of these printers.

  4. Advanced Designs: For complete CoreXY printers, some advanced designs incorporate linear rails on all axes. One notable example is the BLV printer, which features linear rails and has become more affordable due to optimized bundle prices. It’s now possible to build a better mechanical solution than an Ultimaker for less than $1000 USD.

    • Voron Design: I’m also a fan of Voron Design DIY printers. Their flagship model, the Voron 2.4, is an amazing CoreXY machine with a unique fixed bed design and gantry frame on belts. It’s fully enclosed and perfect for ABS printing (costs around $1500 USD).

    • Additionally, the Voron Zero (Voron0) is a smaller, portable, and energy-efficient secondary machine that uses MGN07 linear rails (costs approximately $600 USD).

  5. Upgrading Existing Printers: If you’re upgrading an existing 3D printer to MGN12 linear rails (e.g., upgrading the X-axis of a Creality CR-10), consider the design of the X-carriage. Ensure it accommodates the dimensions of the MGN12 rolling block and provides proper clearance for fixation holes. Fortunately, Hiwin offers step files to assist you in this process.

For more information, you can explore the BLV mgn Cube on Thingiverse or check out Voron Design for their impressive printer kits.