Micron+ 180mm High Quality CoreXY 3D Printer Kit with Touch screen Review

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  • Price: €627.36
  • Posted: August 31, 2023

The Review of: Micron+ 180mm High Quality CoreXY 3D Printer Kit with Touch screen Review

The Voron Micron+ CoreXY 3D Printer Kit is a compact yet powerful 3D printing solution. Let’s delve into its features:

  1. Build Volume: The maximum print size is 180 mm x 180 mm x 180 mm.
  2. CoreXY Design: The printer utilizes the CoreXY motion system, which ensures precise and efficient movement.
  3. Touch Screen: It features a 3.5-inch SPI touch screen, providing an intuitive interface for control and settings.
  4. Powerful Motherboard: The Manta M8P + CB1 Motherboard enhances performance and reliability.
  5. High-Quality Components:
    • Double-Sided Magnetic Flexible PEI Sheet: Ensures good adhesion and easy part removal.
    • Genuine Gates Belts: These belts for the XYZ axis prevent stretching.
    • Stainless Steel Linear Guide Rails: High-quality 440C stainless steel rails for smooth motion.
    • MICE Casting Aluminum Plate: Resists heat deformation.
    • Heat-Resistant Clear and Black PC Panels: Sturdy and stable.
    • Kirigami Bracket for Hot Bed: Provides strength and stability.
    • Umbilical PCB Boards with Complete Wiring Harness: Streamlined wiring.
    • Premium Silicone Heating Pad: Integrated thermal fuse for safety.
    • High-Torque Motors: From the MOONS brand.
    • Optional Upgrades:
      • Phaetus Dragon Hotend: Available for improved extrusion.
      • All-Metal Titanium Alloy Hotend: Features a ceramic heater cartridge and hardened steel + DLC nozzle.
  6. Specifications:
    • Nozzle Temperature: Up to 300°C
    • Bed Temperature: Up to 110°C
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
    • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
    • Max Print Speed: 250mm/s
    • Max Travel Speed: 300mm/s
    • Power Supply: 200W

For more details and pricing, you can visit the official product page.