Flashforge 3d Printer Adventurer 3 Pro 265℃ High Temp Printing Auto Leveling Touch Screen Cloud Printing Glass Build Plate Review

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  • Posted: August 21, 2023

The Review of: Flashforge 3d Printer Adventurer 3 Pro 265℃ High Temp Printing Auto Leveling Touch Screen Cloud Printing Glass Build Plate Review

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro 3D Printer is an upgraded version of the Adventurer 3, packed with advanced features for a seamless 3D printing experience. Let’s dive into its specifications and capabilities:

  1. High-Temperature Printing:

    • The Adventurer 3 Pro comes with two nozzle options: a standard 240℃ nozzle and a high-temperature 265℃ nozzle.
    • The 265℃ nozzle allows you to print with materials that require higher temperatures, such as ABS and other engineering-grade filaments.
  2. Auto Leveling:

    • Say goodbye to manual bed leveling! The build plate is well leveled at the factory, so you can unbox the printer and start printing right away.
    • Follow the touchscreen prompts, and you’re good to go.
  3. Glass Build Plate:

    • The Adventurer 3 Pro features a carbon silicon crystal glass build plate.
    • This glass build plate ensures better flatness than flexible build plates, minimizing warping issues during printing.
  4. Filament Handling:

    • The printer has an enclosed spool holder for easy filament loading.
    • Filament auto-loading via the touchscreen ensures smooth feeding.
    • Filament run-out detection stops printing when the filament runs out and resumes once refilled.
  5. Touchscreen Interface:

    • The 2.8-inch touchscreen simplifies 3D print operation.
    • Get real-time information on machine status and printing progress.
  6. Cloud Printing:

    • Manage multiple 3D printers and store 3D printable files on FlashCloud & PolarCloud.
    • Save, share, and download files at any time.
  7. Remote Monitoring:

    • The built-in HD camera allows you to view the printing process remotely.
    • Keep an eye on your prints from anywhere.
  8. Quiet Printing:

    • The Adventurer 3 Pro operates at less than 45dB, ensuring a quiet and comfortable printing environment.
  9. Filament Compatibility:

    • Supports PLA, ABS, PC, and PETG filaments.
    • Comes with a 250g PLA filament for initial testing.
  10. Comparison with Other Adventurer Models:

    • Adventurer 3 Pro vs. Adventurer 3:
      • Faster nozzle heating (240℃ & 265℃ vs. 100℃ in 3-5 minutes).
      • Glass build plate vs. flexible platform.
      • Filament runout sensor included.
      • Built-in camera for remote monitoring.
    • Adventurer 3 Pro vs. Adventurer 3 Lite:
      • Similar features but with additional benefits like the camera and filament runout sensor.
    • Adventurer 3 Pro vs. Adventurer 3C:
      • Faster nozzle heating.
      • Glass build plate.
      • Filament runout sensor.
      • Ethernet port.
      • Built-in fan.

For more details and to purchase, visit the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro product page