Cetus2 Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printer Deluxe Version Review

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  • Price: €659.35
  • Posted: March 4, 2024

The Review of: Cetus2 Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printer Deluxe Version Review

The Cetus2 Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printer Deluxe Version is an exciting addition to the world of 3D printing! Let’s dive into its features:

  1. Color Mixing Creativity:

    • Traditional single-color production can be limiting for makers who crave creative color patterns or realistic details. The Cetus2 breaks free from this constraint.
    • With the Cetus2, each color can be mixed at any ratio you choose. This means you can spark your creativity and turn your ideas into a colorful reality.
    • Imagine blending new colors that aren’t even on the market! For instance, co-extruding orange and blue at a 50/50 ratio can create a mysterious pink shade.
    • Start enjoying perspective-based color with the Cetus2 and produce visually striking 3D prints.
  2. Multi-Material Printing:

    • The Cetus2 goes beyond color—it also allows you to combine two different materials in the same print model.
    • This opens up a world of possibilities for creativity. Quickly switch colors and materials to generate high-quality prints with dazzling aesthetics.
    • Say goodbye to the limitations of typical 3D printers!
  3. On-the-Fly Material Switching:

    • The Cetus2’s extruder design enables dual direct extrusion. This means you can switch materials seamlessly during printing.
    • Unlike regular hotends that require purging large amounts of material during color changes, the Cetus2’s hotend minimizes waste.
    • You can choose from different purging strategies, including automatic parametric purge towers or custom-designed purge models within the print itself.
  4. PVA Water-Soluble Support:

    • The Cetus2 supports breakaway and water-soluble PVA support materials.
    • This makes complex prints and overhangs easier to achieve, as the support material dissolves away after printing.
  5. Dedicated Software:

    • The Cetus2 works seamlessly with UP Studio 3, which allows you to define material switching positions on the model.
    • No need to divide models into different parts—simply set up material switches with ease.

The Cetus2 Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printer Deluxe Version is priced at $599.00 and is available for order from the US stock