5000W 12V Car Boat Engine Heater Diesel Gasoline Liquid Water Parking Heater Review

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  • Posted: April 3, 2024

The Review of: 5000W 12V Car Boat Engine Heater Diesel Gasoline Liquid Water Parking Heater Review

The 5000W 12V Car Boat Engine Heater is a versatile device designed to keep your engine warm and functional, especially during cold weather. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Heating Power: This parking heater provides an impressive 5000 watts of heating power, ensuring efficient warming of your engine and interior.

  2. Fuel Type: It operates on either diesel or gasoline fuel, making it adaptable to different fuel sources.

  3. Application Range:

    • Vehicles: Suitable for various vehicles, including boats, trucks, cars, buses, caravans, and motorhomes.
    • Function: The heater preheats the engine, preventing cold starts and reducing wear and tear.
  4. Control Options:

    • GSM Control: You can remotely control this heater using GSM technology, allowing you to activate it from a distance.
    • Electrical Control: The heater is driven by a fan and a fuel pump, ensuring efficient combustion and heat transfer.
  5. Specifications:

    • Voltage: Operates on a 12V electrical system.
    • Fuel Consumption: Consumes approximately 0.3-0.6 liters per hour of fuel.
    • Heating Temperature: Provides warmth in the range of 5°C to 35°C.
    • Dimensions: Compact and space-saving, with dimensions of 230mm x 19mm x 165mm.
    • Color: Sleek black design.
  6. Installation:

    • Install the heater between the engine and the hot air water tank.
    • The heater cyclically heats the engine’s cooling liquid, ensuring optimal preheating.

For more information, you can explore the product details on Alibaba: GSM Control 5000W 12V Car Boat Engine Heater.