12V/24V Motor Chinese Brand 2KW/5KW Car Diesel Air Parking Heater Blower Fan Parts For Eberspacher Airtronic Blower Fan Review

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  • Posted: April 3, 2024

The Review of: 12V/24V Motor Chinese Brand 2KW/5KW Car Diesel Air Parking Heater Blower Fan Parts For Eberspacher Airtronic Blower Fan Review

Let’s delve into the world of car diesel air parking heaters and explore the components you’re interested in.

  1. Heater Overview:

    • A car diesel air parking heater is a valuable companion during cold seasons or icy weather. It provides warmth and comfort by utilizing diesel fuel combustion to generate heat.
    • The heat produced is then transferred through an aluminum shell, and a fan blows the hot air into the space that needs heating.
    • These heaters are commonly used in large trucks, construction vehicles, electric vehicles, and RVs.
    • You have two voltage options available: 12V and 24V. Importantly, they can operate independently even when the engine is turned off.
  2. Functional Characteristics:

    • Let’s explore some key features of these parking heaters:
      • Control System: High-quality automotive-grade chips are used for control, surpassing domestic factory standards.
      • Aluminum Shell: The internal parts feature aluminum shells supplied by manufacturers who also supply engine accessories to First Automotive Works (FAW).
      • Combustion Chamber: Made of imported pure stainless steel 316BS, ensuring high-temperature resistance and a longer working life.
      • Ignition Plug: Manufactured by the world’s largest professional support factory, it offers longevity and excellent quality.
      • OLED Display: The most advanced OLED display shows essential information, including battery voltage, fan revolutions, set wattage, and heater temperature.
      • Adjustable Speeds: Nine adjustable speeds with varying wattages enhance user comfort.
      • Aerospace Wiring Harness: High-quality wiring components prevent poor contact and open circuits, ensuring safety and reliability.
  3. Air Parking Heater Classification (by Powers):

    • These heaters come in different power ratings:
      • 2kW parking heater
      • 3kW parking heater
      • 1-5kW parking heater (adjustable)
  4. Installation Position:

    • You can install the parking heater yourself. Secure it using the four screws on the heater feet either under the vehicle or on the exterior wall of the vehicle.
  5. Where to Find Them:

    • If you’re looking for these heaters, consider checking out the following options:
      • ACTECmax: They offer a range of diesel air parking heaters, including 12V and 24V variants.
      • AliExpress: You can find Chinese brand diesel parking heater electric motors for caravans, RVs, and trucks on AliExpress.
      • VVKB: Another manufacturer specializing in 12V/24V 2.5kW diesel air heaters.
      • AliExpress (Blower Fan Motor Assembly): For spare parts, including blower fan motors, check out AliExpress.