Replacing the Power Supply of Your Raise3D Pro 3 3D Printer: A Comprehensive Guide

Replacing the Power Supply of Your Raise3D Pro 3 3D Printer: A Comprehensive Guide

The Raise3D Pro 3 is a versatile and reliable 3D printer that has gained popularity amongst professionals in various fields. But like most electronic devices, the Raise3D Pro 3 is susceptible to wear and tear, and one of the vital components that undergoes this is the power supply. If you notice unusual behavior from your Raise3D Pro 3, such as power fluctuations, unresponsiveness, or overheating, chances are its power supply is the culprit. In such cases, replacing the power supply may be the answer to your problem. This article will walk you through the process of replacing the power supply in your Raise3D Pro 3 3D printer, including when to replace it, how to select a suitable replacement power supply, and the steps to follow when replacing it. With this guide, you can save the cost of repair services and restore your printer’s optimal performance in no time.

Signs of a Faulty Power Supply and When to Replace it

Several signs may indicate that your Raise3D Pro 3 3D printer’s power supply is faulty. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye out for any unusual behavior from your printer to ensure quick detection of any issues. Common signs to watch out for include:

  • Unresponsive printer
  • Power fluctuations
  • Overheating
  • Power capacity issues

Once you notice any of these signs, it is crucial to check your Raise3D Pro 3’s power supply immediately. If the cause of the problem is the power supply, you may decide to replace it. However, you can also decide to replace it if you’re changing your printer’s power supply or upgrading to a more robust power supply. When considering whether to replace the power supply, it is essential to purchase one that perfectly matches your printer’s requirements.

At Raise3D online store, you can find the exact power supply that matches the requirements of your printer. With a range of options, you can choose the appropriate power supply to replace or upgrade your current one. Once you replace your faulty power supply, you can experience steady and consistent printing from your Raise3D Pro 3 3D printer. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get a replacement power supply and keep your printer running smoothly.

How do I choose a 3D printer power supply?

Choosing the right power supply for your 3D printer is a crucial step in ensuring that your printer runs smoothly. There are a few key factors to consider when selecting a power supply that will work best for you. Firstly, ensure that you have the correct voltage and wattage needed for your machine. Most 3D printers operate on a 12-volt power supply, but some may require a 24-volt supply. It is important to check your printer’s specifications and verify the required voltage and wattage.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the power supply. Choosing a high-quality power supply will ensure that it is reliable and stable, thus avoiding machine damages due to the instability of your power supply. Opting for a reputable brand and checking reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Efficiency is also an important factor to consider when selecting a power supply. Higher efficiency power supplies mean you’ll enjoy more stable output voltages and better power efficiency, hence save on long term electricity costs.

Remember, before making any final choice, be sure to do your research, understand your printer’s needs, and weigh the options available to you.

Tips for Choosing a Replacement Power Supply for the Raise3D Pro 3

When choosing a replacement power supply for your Raise3D Pro 3, the following tips will help you get the best fit:

  • Ensure the replacement power supply has the same power rating as your original power supply.
  • Make sure the voltage rating of the replacement power supply is the same as that of the original power supply.
  • Choose a replacement power supply that offers a current rating similar to your original power supply.
  • Check for compatibility with your printer’s power port and connector.
  • Consider the noise level of the replacement power supply.

It is crucial to note that using an incorrect power supply may cause your 3D printer to malfunction or, in some cases, become damaged. Additionally, some manufacturers recommend using only their brand’s power supply to ensure trouble-free operation of your printer. One recommended site to purchase a replacement power supply compatible with the Raise3D Pro 3 is Here is a table with a list of some recommended power supplies for the Raise3D Pro 3:

Power Supply Brand Power Supply Model Power Rating Price
Mean Well RPS-400-24-C 400W $74.00
RAVPower RP-PB043 27000mAh/99Wh $99.99
MyVolts 12V DC power supply 5A $26.99

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect replacement power supply for the Raise3D Pro 3 3D printer.

How to Replace the Power Supply in your Raise3D Pro 3

Replacing the power supply in your Raise3D Pro 3 3D printer is a simple task if you follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the printer and unplug it from the power source.
  • Remove the build plate and control box enclosure.
  • Locate the power supply, which is usually found at the bottom of the printer.
  • Detach the power supply from the bracket holding it in place. The bracket may be secured by one or more screws, so remove them if necessary.
  • Disconnect all the connectors going into the power supply. Make sure to note the location of each connector to avoid confusion when reconnecting later.
  • Attach the new power supply using the same screws and bracket used to secure the old power supply.
  • Reconnect all the connectors in their original location, ensuring a proper fit.
  • Replace the control box enclosure and build plate.
  • Plug your printer back into the power source and turn it on to confirm the new power supply is working correctly.

If you are unsure how to replace your printer’s power supply or encounter any issues during the replacement process, you can refer to Raise3D’s user manual or look for online tutorials. One useful website to check for tutorials and purchase a replacement power supply is They offer a range of replacement power supplies for various 3D printers, including the Raise3D Pro 3.


Replacing the power supply of your Raise3D Pro 3 3D printer is an essential maintenance task that can keep your printer running smoothly. As with any technical replacement, it’s crucial to take it seriously and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid damaging your printer. However, changing the power supply is relatively simple and can be accomplished with a low-level mechanical skill set. Make sure to purchase a replacement power supply that is compatible with your printer model and meets the power demands of your work environment.

If you are a frequent 3D printer user, it is recommended to keep a spare power supply on hand so that it can be replaced quickly if needed. Follow the guidelines mentioned above to replace your Raise3D Pro 3’s power supply and avoid any complications.

Moreover, regular maintenance of your printer, such as changing the power supply and cleaning the machine, can extend the life of your printer. Don’t neglect the necessary upkeep of your printer to ensure that it can produce the best possible prints for as long as possible. By following these steps and taking the necessary steps, you can keep your printer running at peak performance for years.